Apparently, I’m over-qualified

Yesterday I went straight from work to an admissions test and interview for one of the educations I’ve applied for. I was a little bit nervous beforehand, dreading that I’d be in some kind of interrogation room with two or more people staring me down, asking questions and writing notes, all without the slightest expression in their face that would hint at if my answers were good or bad.

Thankfully, reality wasn’t that bad. The test went well and I had a very friendly guy interview me. I felt like I gave really good answers to the questions he asked and he seemed to think I did well on the test. His only complaint? I’m over-qualified for the education. This doesn’t neccesarily mean I’m not going to get in, but apparently I know too much already and my interviewer was afraid I’d find the education useless or boring. He said he got a really good impression of me though and was going to give me high points.

I’ll find out next week if I got in or not, but my interviewer assured me several times that if I don’t get in, it’s not because I did bad on the test and interview but because I’m over-qualified. I’ll admit it was a nice boost of confidence!


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