In case you were wondering, it’s raining

I got up, threw on my jogging clothes and went out for a run this morning – in absolute pouring rain. I loved it! I got absolutely soaking wet, had water dripping down my face the entire time and I couldn’t help but smile and almost laugh as I imagined what I must look like. I got home and had to struggle to get my wet clothes off.

Now I’m wrapped up in a cosy blanket enjoying the sound of the rain click-clacking against the window. Today is one of those days that I welcome this typically Swedish weather because I don’t want to do a thing today, I’m just going to curl up in bed with my book, be lazy and enjoy my Sunday off before it’s back to work and a busy week again tomorrow.

What are you doing this Sunday?


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One response to “In case you were wondering, it’s raining”

  1. winterlust says :

    It rained this weekend as well but you know what? I loved it! I was actually happy it rained! Haha I have such a massive appreciation for winter ever since Europe!

    Yesterday (Sunday), I went shopping, bought some new work dresses, met a friend for lunch, bought new makeup and then chilled. Haha crazy spending day….oooops lol.

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