Girl’s night out

Photo taken by B at Urban Deli last night

S, B and I had a girl’s night at Urban Deli last night. We ordered in a bottle of white wine, a tray of cheese and deli meats and a bowl of shrimp. It was all absolutely wonderfully tasty. I love my girls and we had such a nice evening. It’s nice to do fun things like this in the middle of the week, I definitely need to do this more often – go out and do something on work-nights to add some fun to my otherwise routinely boring weekdays.

I’ve been sick the past couple of days but haven’t been home from work and taken it easy (no wonder I haven’t got better quicker). It was looking rather gloomy yesterday morning when I really felt like s*it and I was afraid I was going to have to cancel my girl’s night. Finally I decided I wasn’t going to let life be so unfair so I got dressed up, did my makeup and fixed my hair in an attemp to ignore how sick and tired I felt. Guess what? It worked! Being with the girls gave me so much happy energy and today I feel a little bit better than I have the past couple of days.

One thing we talked about last night was how wonderful fate is. That tiny little decisions we make in life push us in different directions which then lead us to where we are today. Like the story of how B, S and I met. Had the slightest little thing been different, we may never have met at all.

Today is the last day of work for this week, tomorrow is a holiday in Sweden because it’s midsummer’s eve. Next week is my very last week of work (my full-time job that is) before I go on vacation and then (fingers crossed) start school in the fall.

Now, if it would only stop raining here in Sweden I think the summer could be pretty good.


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4 responses to “Girl’s night out”

  1. winterlust says :

    Yum! You’ve given me an idea to organise a girls night soon! I’m loving the wine and cheese idea!

  2. teddi says :

    glad to hear it tina, although from what i hear, the rain in sweden can get a bit tedious & dreary, as of lately. best!

    • Tina says :

      We had fantastic weather up until about the beginning of June, and then it all went downhill and we’ve had a steady downpour for weeks now. Just watched the news forecast this morning and it’s looking promising, next week is supposed to be sunny and waaarm!

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