Our secret book club

Thanks for all your great book suggestions! Keep ’em coming! I write them all down in my phone so I have the list with me at all times – quick access if I happen to finish my book and need to run by a bookstore for another fix.

I’ll share with you the suggestions I’ve got so far:

underestimatedmom suggested When We Were Friends by Elizabeth Joy Arnold. This one sounds like a real nailbiter and I’m definitely going to check if my local bookstore has it, or pick it up when I’m in the US.

Kelli suggested Elixir by Hillary Duff and when I heard Hillary Duff I instantly thought, ick not a celebrity-wannabe-writer chick flick, but then I read the review on amazon and reminded myself not to judge a book by its cover (or in this case, author), because it does actually sound kind of good.

Sonia suggested Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weirner and there’s something about the title (and the author) that sounds vaguely familiar, could I have read this book? Obviously if I did I can’t remember it so I should probably read it (possibly again) because it sounds good.

You guys are awesome book suggesters so keep those titles rolling in and I’ll keep sharing them with you and we can all have this secret book club sharing…er… thing. Except it won’t technically be secret since it’s out in the open and all. Just keep reading people. It’s sexy.


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2 responses to “Our secret book club”

  1. The Girl from the Ghetto says :

    If you are going to read a Jennifer Weiner book, may I suggest her new one, that just came out today? It is called Then Came You, and you are welcome to come check out my review if you’d like to learn more about it. It is way better than Weiner’s last 2 books.

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