This is how you’ll find me most of my vacation days (life is backwards in Photobooth)

I finished reading Ravens yesterday (very good book, read it) and you know me, my book-abstinence set in right away and I had to run and buy a new book today. Sadly, the bookstore didn’t have any of the books you had suggested for me (I’ll look for them in the US) so I ended up getting Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay. I read several of his books last summer so I know I like his style of writing.

It’s hot here today so I’ve got my fan blaring in my face as we speak. There’s supposed to be some freak downpour on it’s way in, complete with thunder and lightning so I’m kind of hoping for that so that I can cozy up and read my book.


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One response to “Bookworm”

  1. winterlust says :

    I’ve just finished my 2nd book this winter break! That’s 2 in 3 weeks! Think I need to buy more.

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