Shopping and coffee with Bella

I bought a new pair of sandals today so I can alternate them with my Converse, especially on hot days when wearing sneakers gets way too warm and sticky. These sandals were a tripple win, not only are they a little bit different (i.e. not your classic sandals), they’ve got a special sole so they’re very comfortable and they were half off! I also picked up a new journal at Ordning&Reda (also on sale, it’s my lucky day) since I’m almost through my turquoise journal that I bought a while back.

After my little shopping trip I met up with Bella who’s finally got summer vacation from her medical studies in Poland and is home! We spent a couple of hours catching up with coffee and cake at Fåtöljen on Söder.

Now I’m going to answer some emails, paint my nails (and toes) and then keep reading Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay, it’s a can’t-put-it-down kind of book, I’m happy I managed to pick a good one again!


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