Off on an adventure


I happily planted myself at Sweden’s very first Starbucks to have a latte before my flight. It may sound nuts, but I’ve been looking forward to this part of my trip.

Starbucks is located past the security gates at the airport, so the only time to go is when travelling by air (and through the right terminal). There’s a nice view out the window, of airplanes taking off and landing, and it’s a comfortable lounge-y café.

The prices are of course atrocious (I bought a medium latte and a fruit salad for 92 SEK). But part of being on vacation is about treating yourself and splurging a bit, right? And airports are always expensive.

I bought a new book too. For once I steered away from the crime novels and got a famous fiction instead: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I hope I’ll like it. I want to see the movie too.

Anyone read it or seen the movie?


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