I wonder where I’ll live

Whenever I stroll through Hammarby Sjöstad, I’m kind of hypnotized by the way it looks. It’s so different from the rest of the city. It’s like walking around inside a model of a city. Everything is so clean, new and it kind of looks futuristic. It’s very pretty because it’s surrounded by water and most of the newly built apartments have huge glass porches with (what I would imagine are) beautiful waterfront views. The only downside is that they’re raising the buildings so close to each other that there appears to be little privacy from those porches.

As I was walking along the wooden docks the other day, I couldn’t help daydreaming about maybe one day living in one of those apartments. Maybe one day after I’ve finished my studies and got a well paying job I’ll end up buying one of those apartments. Who knows? Dream big.


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One response to “I wonder where I’ll live”

  1. winterlust says :

    Yeah it’s crazy how close houses are built these days but it’s expected in a city like Stockholm where there’s so many people. There’s plans for a redevelopment in our area….where our house is right now, there’s plans for a 8 storey apartment! I think it’s all exciting stuff but planning & approvals take forever so it’ll be at least another 10 years until we see anything.

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