I met Beats and her friends last night to go to “Sommarbio” (summer movie) in the park! It’s an annual thing organized by the Stockholm Film Festival each summer. They’re screening movies Thursday-Sunday this week and last night they showed the Irish movie Once.

It was a really nice evening, the hot air balloons passed by shortly before the movie started and we had a nice little picnic of a mix of all kinds of things we like. I really liked the movie, and oh my god, the music! Some of the songs in the movie  made the whole audience fall into dead silence and I sat there hypnotized by the beauty of it all.

I didn’t end up staying the whole movie through because I got so cold, it started raining a little bit which added to my chill. I definitely need to get my hands on this movie and see it again though.

Listen to these songs from the movie (and, of course, see the movie!) Both songs are by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.
Falling Slowly
If you want me


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3 responses to “Once”

  1. winterlust says :

    Beautiful songs, I must remember to check this film out.

    That first picture actually looks like something you’d find in a magazine, so nice! Looks very vintage too.

  2. lilisdiaryascaline says :

    I was at Rållis too that evening, and I totally agree about the beautiful music and movie! It fitted perfectly for an outdoor cinema at the end of august, I think!

    • Tina says :

      That’s cool that you were there too! I can’t stop listening to the pretty songs from the movie. Did you stay the whole evening?

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