Mazariner and cupcakes

Still going strong! With my baking at the hospital that is. Today I made Mazariner for the first time in my life. Contrary to what the pictures would suggest (they’re taken with my ever so crappy cellphone camera), they turned out pretty good. In reality, they weren’t as pale/white as they look in the photos.

I also made plain cupcakes that I was going to put cream cheese frosting on, but before I got a chance they were evaporating like raindrops on a hot sunny day. The patients were having their afternoon coffee and wanted freshly baked goodies. Some patients were even asking for seconds – I’d say that’s about the best compliment you can get!


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2 responses to “Mazariner and cupcakes”

  1. M says :

    Fint av dig att du fortsätter glädja patienterna med kakor. Om du inte fått den utlovade överraskningen på Bakarnas så beror det antagligen på att chefen har semester o då inte har öppnat sin post där instruktionerna finns;) Den som väntar på något gott…

    • Tina says :

      Tack! Jag har dessvärre inte hunnit förbi Bakarna ännu, mycket på gång just nu… men jag ska kika förbi där så snart som möjligt och se vad det är för överraskning. 🙂

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