The hairdo that happened.

I wore my hair like this yesterday. The bun almost looks like I’ve braided it in some intricate way, but this ‘do wasn’t very complicated to pull together. However, I doubt I’d be able to re-create it. It’s one of those hairdos that just sort of happened.

I took these photos last night, after wearing my hair like this all day. I’m surprised at how well it held, despite my running around in the pouring rain and lying in bed reading with my head pressed against the pillows. And I didn’t even use a drop of hairspray or other styling products! I love good hair days.


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5 responses to “The hairdo that happened.”

  1. winterlust says :

    You look so gorgeous! The amount of times I’ve mastered hairdo’s that can never be repeated…..priceless haha.

    • Tina says :

      Thanks sweetie! Yeah, it’s pretty typical isn’t it? You manage to get your hair to look descent only to then never be able to get it that way again (or rip your hair out trying to re-create it!)

  2. alex says :

    Å vad snyggt! Tänker på min gamla chefredaktör från Bon av någon anledning. Jättefint!

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