Expensive isn’t necessarily the best

Remember I posted my makeup purchases from the US a couple of weeks ago? I’ve got a chance to try some of the products now, among others SuperStay 24h Concealer from Maybelline, and it is the best.

I have tried a couple of different concealers through the years, mostly I’ve used another Maybelline product – Coverstick. Coverstick is alright but I sometimes feel like it’s too sticky or “cake-y”. SuperStay is a liquid concealer that covers very well, doesn’t get sticky and stays on all day. It truly does live up to its name.

The most expensive and glamorous brands with fancy packaging aren’t necessarily the best. Give the regular low-priced brands a chance, you might be surprised.


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5 responses to “Expensive isn’t necessarily the best”

  1. alex says :

    Å yes! Jag har make up stores som räcker sjukt länge men den är ganska dyr. Den är iof inte djurtestad…

    • Tina says :

      Ja, det är väl nackdelen med “billigt” smink, att de eventuellt är testade på djur, och det vill man egentligen inte stödja med sina pengar…

  2. alex says :

    Jag menar å yes som i att äntligen en bra billig. De brukar torka så lätt annars tycker jag.

  3. winterlust says :

    Hopefully they have that here- the packaging looks different to the Maybelline products in Australia but fingers crossed, I need a new concealer!

    • Tina says :

      Yeah, I need to see if I can find this one here in Sweden. Or else have my mom stock up on it for me when she goes to the US in a couple of weeks.

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