Bookshelf: In The Woods by Tana French

I picked up In The Woods by Tana French while I was in the US in July, and I just finished reading it. Set in Ireland (author Tana French is Irish), In The Woods is a psychological thriller about the murder of Katy Devlin, a 12-year-old girl from Knocknaree, a Dublin suburb. Detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox are assigned the case, which appears to have connections to an unsolved case 20 years earlier involving the disappearance of two children, also from Knocknaree, who were Ryan’s childhood friends.

This book has a lot of admirable qualities, like the eloquent descriptions and the way it’s like there’s several levels to the story (the murder investigation, Ryan’s past, the relationship between Ryan and Maddox). However, I wasn’t thrilled about this book. It’s wasn’t that “can’t-put-it-down” kind of material that I was hoping for. I was disappointed by the ending, and I struggled to get through the book because I felt like the descriptions were sometimes just a little too many, and that slowed the story down.

What’s the latest book you’ve read?


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One response to “Bookshelf: In The Woods by Tana French”

  1. erinbee. says :

    ah! i read this book last winter and felt the exact same. i had such high hopes for it too. bummer.

    p.s. i owe you an email! and a letter – let me know when you move and are settled.

    m i s s y o u .

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