The backpack dilemma

I know there’s been a lot of back-to-school-themed entires here as of late. Bare (bear, beer, booze, tequila?) with me, it’s what’s occupying my mind right now. So just put up with it for a little longer (and then we’ll get into the sobbing-posts as I struggle to get through papers and exams once I actually start school).


I figure I’m going to need a backpack for school (duh?) and I’ve been looking for something that’s not horrifyingly ugly and/or impractical. You know, something that’s reasonably elegant that won’t make me look like I’m on my way to go hike up a mountain. The classic Swedish Fjällräven “Kånken” is pretty high on my list. It’s a good quality and popular/trendy backpack that comes in all the colors of the rainbow, which is, you know, good… except that I’m probably anyway going to choose something un-colorful, like grey or black so it’ll go with everything. Anyway, getting off track here…

When I prompted the cyberspace for backpacks, I found a couple of nice ones of which 90 percent are totally out of my student-budget price range. I figure I’ll survive the first week of school with my handbag and laptop case and scout the area a bit, see what my fellow students are lugging and get a feel for how much crap… I mean, schoolbooks I’ll be carrying to and from school on a daily basis and if I can manage without a backpack. Wouldn’t want to get ahead of myself now would I?

(what? Backpack-purchases are a big deal!)

For my fellow students: Do you use a backpack for school? What backpack do you have?

In the photo: Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rag&Bone backpacks available at Shopbop, Fjällräven “Kånken” available at Naturkompaniet, Scout Pack from Duluth Pack, white striped backpack from Need Supply Co.


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One response to “The backpack dilemma”

  1. winterlust says :

    I like the rag & bone one and also the white one!

    I’ve never needed a backpack. I bring my handbag & laptop bag. There’s only one class I have where you need to bring in a textbook, the rest, you just print out slides for the classes. Better to wait til you’ve been there one week to see what it’s like!

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