How I spent my birthday…

Tea, tea, tea, journal and school book…

I spent my birthday alternating between my bed (wrapped up in layers of blankets and sweaters) and stripping down and splaying myself across my cool floor. I think I drank about 10 cups of tea, I got a lot of use out of my new iittala mug and the Three Tulsi Pukka tea that my brother and his girlfriend got me for my birthday.

I had to cancel my birthday drinks that were planned for yesterday evening. And to top things off, the weather was nice for the first time in forever – clear blue skies, blinding sunlight and 25 degrees (about 77F). On the news in the morning they said “Make sure you enjoy the weather today, it looks like this is our last day of summer”. Gee, thanks for the birthday weather but it’d be nice if I could enjoy it too! (Do I sound bitter?) (By the way, it’s raining today).

I guess the (only) positive side of getting sick now is that I (fingers crossed) won’t get sick in a week or two when everyone else in my school is hit with the flu from being in an atmosphere full of new people and germs. I need to be on top of my game now so that I can be focused in school. So I guess, better to be sick now than later.


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2 responses to “How I spent my birthday…”

  1. winterlust says :

    I spent my 18th birthday in bed…it wasn’t fun but it meant I wasn’t sick when I went to America the week after!

    I’m glad you’re looking on the positive side of it. Is there another time you can reschedule drinks?

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