Crafted notepad


…and after.

I got a notepad from my mom the other day. It has a cat on it and it’s cute, but I felt it was a little too childish to flaunt at Uni. So, when I got my new teacup wrapped in this stylish paper for my birthday I instantly got the idea to give the notepad a new cover. This is a classic old trick that reminds me of my childhood. Back-to-school always meant buying pretty paper to wrap our books and line our desks with to protect them.

It’s a great (and cheap) tip to keep your course books in good condition (so you can sell them once you’ve finished your studies!)


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One response to “Crafted notepad”

  1. winterlust says :

    I used to love covering my books! We had this clear sticky stuff, I used to cover my books in pictures and then protect it with the clear sticky paper but I haven’t seen any in stores in years! I miss it 😦

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