Keep calm and study on

It would be nice to have a cosy study nook like this. Photo: Elle Decor

I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had any time to devote to this blog. I’m too tired by the time I get home to even think straight, and I’ve also been battling with a lot of migraines lately (due to information overload perhaps?)

I’m enjoying school, it’s fun to learn new things and experience the University/student lifestyle, but I have my doubts about if this is what I really want to do. It’s becoming more and more clear that this education will lead me right back into the industry I’ve already been in for the past five years. An industry where I really haven’t been happy.

I get so frustrated with myself that I can never find my path and go for it. I seem to always have a gnawing doubt that applies hesitation to my step. Lately I’ve panicked every evening before I go to bed when the silence and space leaves me room to think too much. That recurring panic also adds to me feeling lethargic (and probably is one of the factors that bring on the migraines).

One thing’s for sure, the weekends never looked so sweet.


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2 responses to “Keep calm and study on”

  1. Anna says :

    Fundera inte så mycket utan lita på magkänslan, det brukar bli bäst!

  2. winterlust says :

    Don’t stress, you’ll find your road! When I got on the study path in 2009, I was aiming for politics and look where I am in 2011, in property!

    See what your options are at university, once you’re in, it’s easy to change. The decision usually comes overnight (well it did for me!)

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