Gavin Degraw in Stockholm tonight

Gavin DeGraw – Not Over You

Gavin DeGraw has been in Stockholm all weekend, and he’s playing an intimate acoustic set this evening. If I had no self control whatsoever I’d be lying on the floor kicking, screaming and crying right now because I don’t have tickets. It seems it’s an “invitation only”-thing because of the limited space.

I saw Gavin DeGraw when he was in Stockholm for the very first time, which was over five years ago. At the time not many people in Sweden knew of him yet. He played at Debaser Slussen, which is a tiny bar in the city. Less than a year later he came back again and had a slightly bigger concert at Fryshuset (a small-ish concert venue) that I also went to. Both concerts were, of course, awesome.

So, to not see him tonight is like going against everything that feels right.


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One response to “Gavin Degraw in Stockholm tonight”

  1. Brittany B says :

    I’m really excited about this tour and Degraw’s new album release on 9/20. I’ve been loving “Not Over You” too!

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