Hard work, and then some play

The weeks just fly by. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 120 percent busy 100 percent of the time.

I’m in school all day every weekday, working hard on my assignments and papers, focusing in lectures and workshops. And then I spend my weekends doing more schoolwork. I spent most of the day yesterday sitting at a remote location (prevents distraction) focusing on schoolwork before I rushed home to get dolled up before Bella came over for drinks!

After chilling for a bit at my place we headed to Ljunggrens 4 year anniversary party. It was okay, nothing super spectacular really. We were both cringing at a girl who performed wearing an oversize t-shirt, which just barely stretched to below her butt. As she danced around her t-shirt swayed and revealed… it all.

Anyway, time to hit the books again!

How has your weekend been?


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2 responses to “Hard work, and then some play”

  1. M says :

    Oj vad du pluggar:)

    Jag har byggt på taket på min skrivarstuga, köpt ett teleskop och börjat förbereda för min flytt till ett nytt hus. Jag ska flytta från en bullrig lägenhet till ett litet hus med braskamin och kakelugnar utan för stan, mysigt : )

  2. winterlust says :

    Love the earrings!

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