At school


Yesterday during a lecture at school.

Yesterday everyone was pretty… er, dead. The second year students in my program had invited my class for drinks on Tuesday evening so on Wednesday we were all hungover and/or lacking sleep. I had a great time at the pub with my classmates and the second year students, finally got  a chance to talk to some new people in my class and it’s always nice to get to see the students over us (and get to know them so I can get help from them when things get uncomprehensible).

I’ve been studying my little heart out (as usual) all week, so the weekend is looking pretty sweet right now, I need sleep.


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2 responses to “At school”

  1. oriav says :

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!! U will do great:)…
    I just graduated from SF Academy of Art University.

  2. winterlust says :

    It’s good that you’re going out for drinks with people from university, makes studying so much easier! The one class I don’t know anyone in, is the class I wish I was doing better at. Helps so much to have a study buddy or someone to help you out!

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