What’s been up lately

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I’ve been in school for a month now, I can hardly believe it but this weekend marks the end of my first course for this semester. So far I’ve been enjoying school a lot, case in point; when I realized I had three days without any scheduled classes or lectures this week, I was sad. I know, silly me huh? I’ve just been so engulphed in schoolwork, staying late in school or coming early before class to study and enjoying it, that three days off just felt… off.

I was worried I’d be bored out of my mind these past three days with nothing scheduled, but it turns out I’ve been pretty busy anyway. I’ve knocked off some things from my to do-list, done some serious cleaning and met my mom and brother for lunch. Today I had a job interview (and I just got  a call that I’ve moved on in the process, fingers crossed I get the job!)

This weekend I’m going to take the time to go and do my volunteer baking at the hospital. There’s been so much in school this past month that I haven’t had time to go for several weeks. Now that I’ve got a minute to spare I figure I might as well spend it doing something good, right?

How are you all doing? Tell me what’s been up!


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2 responses to “What’s been up lately”

  1. Haleigh says :

    I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying school! I’ve also been studying 24/7, only German though. German and Swedish share a lot of the same words, but the grammar and syntax in German are completely different than English, Swedish, and French. Ahh, but you gotta do what you gotta do, ya know?

    I’m going to be in Sweden for 2 weeks over Christmas. Maybe we can finally meet face to face for a coffee or something? I’d love that!

  2. winterlust says :

    Seriously, where has this year gone? I’m 3 weeks off from finishing uni for the year…..so rather busy on.

    Tell me about this interview! How’d it go & details!!

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