Summer weekend in October


We’ve had unbelievable weather this weekend. It’s been warm enough to wear short sleeves (some people even wore shorts).

I can’t remember last it was so beautiful and warm in October. I made sure to enjoy it, took a walk yesterday morning which turned my blue mood for the better.

Now I’m sitting stuck on a train, got up at 5.15am to make it to school in time but the train delay is probably going to make me late. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Long day in school today, it’s the start of my second course this semester. Exciting!    


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3 responses to “Summer weekend in October”

  1. winterlust says :

    Is that one of your own photos?

    How is your school term made up? Is it one course at a time over one semester?

    • Tina says :

      Yeah, I took the photo with my phone. So it’s kind of crappy quality.

      This term is made up of four courses, I think they’re each about 5 weeks, and they’re one after another. Next semester it’ll be four courses but paired two and two, so we’ll be studying each course for a longer period of time but parallell with another course.

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