Christmas is just around the corner…

New Christmas-products this year.

It’s October 14th, and 70 days left until Christmas.

It seems that Christmas keeps coming earlier every year. Ikea and Åhléns (just to name a few) have already rolled out their holiday products in their online shops. I read that some of the Christmas-themed magazines are already on the shelves, and in Uppsala they had a Christmas market last weekend!

New products for the Christmas season have also been announced. Dumle have a new limited edition candy with gingerbread flavor. Marabou have developed a third variety of all dark chocolates to their traditional praline boxes, Aladdin and Paradis. And Blossa have revealed their glögg-flavor of the year, it’s coffee.

I hear all these products are in store already. And I intend to try them all (just not yet). I’m curious to taste the new glögg. It’s no secret that I like coffee, but I’m a little bit skeptic to the combination of wine, spices and coffee.

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?

I like everything that is cozy about Christmas. Lighting candles, drinking something warm, wrapping up in a big blanket and spending time with my family. And of course I love baking too. I did a lot of baking last year, like Saffransbullar, pepparkakor made from scratch, various candies, lussebullar and more…


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