Natural beauty and the oil cleansing method

I am extremely lucky to have had rather good skin most of my life. So when the skin around my eyes suddenly started reacting to a new concealer I tried, I had a bit of a crisis. I stopped using the concealer (SuperStay 24h Concealer from Maybelline) right away thinking that the rash would fade, but it didn’t. It has got better for a couple of days, and then it suddenly breaks out again over a night – this has continued in a steady pattern for the past three or four weeks.

I tried using less makeup, eliminating some more products (even products I’ve used for years and never had trouble with). I used a natural vaseline to soften and soothe the sensitive spots, I washed my makeup off as soon as I got home every day and rested my face from makeup as often as possible. Nothing helped.

Finally, I made an appointment to see the doctor and he recognized it as some kind of allergic reaction and prescribed me a special cortisone cream which I’m now using (while crossing my fingers and toes that this will finally help eliminate the itchy, puffy, red and sore inconvenience I’ve been dealing with lately).

That said, I’ve been looking in to more natural beauty labels and products. I got some products from Bare Minerals, and I recently read recommendations about Oliva, they’ve got an eye cream and a moisturising cream that doubles as a foundation. I want to get my whole makeup routine in natural and/or organic products.

I also read about The Oil Cleansing Method, which is apparently a big trend in England and the US. Basically, you use a blend of two combined oils which you massage on your face. Then you put a warm damp washcloth over you face, let it rest for a while, and then massage more oil into your face before gently washing it off. If you’ve got very dry skin you can finish off by massaging a little bit of oil in your face that you don’t wash off.

This method is claimed to open up and clean out the pores and leave your skin fresh, clean and soft. You’re supposed to do an oil massage each evening for at least three weeks to get results. And it’s not uncommon that you get some zits or blemishes in the beginning as a result of the skin purging toxins and dirt from your pores. I understand that finding the right combination of oils that works on your skin can take some time too. Nonetheless, I’m temped to try it. Ricin oil (or castor oil) is apparently also very good for stengthening and smoothing your hair, apparently you can use it as a deep conditioner or hair mask.

As you can tell, I’m finding this natural beauty business quite interesting.


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