Time for some botox

Bring on the botox. Not.

Funny story. I went to the pharmacy yesterday to buy some new hypoallergenic mascara and blush (still fighting with my sensitive eyes). There was a woman at the store who was doing some kind of demonstration of new organic products.

I took the opportunity to ask her about eye creams to relieve my allergies. She leads me to a shelf full of expensive organic products in tiny bottles, and then eyes me and asks how old I am. My answer prompts her to show me the anti-aging eye creams.

Yes. The ANTI-AGING creams.

I’m 24.

I paused for a second to double check if she was joking, but alas, she was not. She said it’s never too early to start, and that she’s sold anti-aging creams to 23-year-olds. And that it’ll work preventively.

I wanted to bitch-slap her. I’m pretty sure my eyes expressed the words: “What did you just call me?”

As if having 19-year-olds in my class wasn’t  hard enough on my age crisis. Now I’ve got a middle-aged pharmacy-demonstration-lady-whatnot telling me I need anti-aging creams.


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4 responses to “Time for some botox”

  1. winterlust says :

    Have you seen those poor 8 year olds that are made to do beauty pageants? I bet that lady was one of those moms!

  2. Gina says :

    Yikes. At least you got a good story out of it. I’m 23, perhaps I’m supposed to be doing the same?


    PS: I have sensitive eyes too and at night I use a small bit of Neosporin on my eyelids; it works like a charm.

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