How to spend a beautiful fall Sunday

What started out as a pretty lame/boring/depressing Sunday was quickly turned into something amazing when I pulled on my jacket, threw my schoolbooks in my bag and ventured outside (yes, I put my shoes on too). I can’t even form words to describe what met me outside (I’ll let the pictures do the talking).

I took a walk to my best café, got a cup of coffee and a sandwich and worked on my presentation. This café is especially cozy on a beautiful fall day like today. Perfect Sunday!


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4 responses to “How to spend a beautiful fall Sunday”

  1. winterlust says :

    I cannot believe how beautiful Stockholm is!! That’s the thing I love about the North European countries, the colours in the fall are SO vibrant, I’m very jealous.

    Here in Perth we have various shades of dull green and yellow surrounding us, I can’t remember seeing the streets looking like yours!

    Can we please swap?

    • Tina says :

      We can switch when we go into the bad part of the year, which is the slushy, cold, dark, horribly long winter that comes around January to March or April. I’m fine with snow and a little cold around Christmas, adds to the holiday feeling but after that it needs to go away. It just lasts too long.

      I’m finding I really LOVE this season though, I forget how much I love pretty fall days. As long as it’s sunny and clear blue skies it’s pretty amazing.

      Hope you can come visit again some time, and then in the fall so you can enjoy this too!

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