A Christmas questionnaire

Do you know how/where and with whom you’ll be celebrating Christmas this year?
Yes, pretty much. The same as every year, with my family at my mom’s place. Last year my sister and I hung out during the day, went for long walks, cozied up in front of movies with hot chocolate and we had a Christmas dinner too, of course.

Do you know how you’ll be celebrating New Year’s Eve?
No. What to do on New Year’s Eve is a ridiculously overhyped thing. People get so obsessed with that they’ve got to have the biggest and the best party, the prettiest dress, the best food, the most friends etc. and then they end up disappointed because the evening didn’t turn out as they’d expected, someone got too drunk, they had a fight with their partner, they didn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight… I’ve done pretty much nothing in complete protest the past couple of years. I’m content just staying in, wrapping up in a blanket and celebrating on my own or with a close friend.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?
On the top of my list is a new phone, to spare me the frustration that my current one is causing me.

Have you started buying any Christmas gifts yet?
I haven’t bought any gifts yet, but I’ve made a couple of them. I’ve also got a list started with gifts ideas I come to think of.

Do your Christmas holidays usually live up to your expectations?
I’ve always liked Christmas because it’s nice and cozy and I get time off and time to spend with the people I love, and in that respect it does live up to my expectations. As with the question about New Year’s Eve I think it’s important not to get too high expectations, just take it as it comes, one day at a time. Just live in the moment and enjoy it for what it is.

Do you usually feel relieved when Christmas is over?
No, I’m usually pretty sad when it’s over. It’s always over so fast! I look forward to it for so many weeks and then in a day or two it’s come and gone. With the risk of sounding like the only part of Christmas that I care about are presents (it’s not), I especially feel sad when all the gifts are unwrapped and it’s “all over”. I love giving gifts and seeing people’s reaction when they open them, so part of the fun for me is just this. So when the gift giving is over, it’s in a way like the marking of Christmas being over (maybe also because we usually open the gifts after dinner and sort of as a last thing).

What’s the most and least important foods on your Christmas dinner table (Swedish: Julbord)?
The least important is definitely the items I don’t like and the first that come to mind there are pigs feet (never tasted and never will) and kalvsylta (a type of veal jam or pudding). My favorite things (and therefore the most important) on the Christmas dinner table are the dill cured salmon (Swedish: gravad lax), mustard herring (Swedish: Senapssill), my mom’s gingerbread cheesecake and my favorite Aladdinask.

Have you ever celebrated Christmas abroad?
Sort of. I lived in Prague in 2008 and although I flew home for Christmas I spent most of December in Prague, which was totally decked out in Christmas.

What’s your best advice for a good Chrismtas?
Just enjoy. Take it easy, sleep in, take long walks, enjoy the company of your loved ones and shrug your shoulders if you get a stain on your Christmas dress.

Now your turn – answer one (or all!) of the questions in a comment!


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One response to “A Christmas questionnaire”

  1. winterlust says :

    That is a gorgeous photo! I’m a christmas grinch in Perth….it’s not the same in the summer 😦

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