Victoria’s Secret show 2011/2012 Pt.1


The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2011/2012) was taped the 9th of November and will air in the US on November 29th. No telling yet when it’ll air in the rest of the world. Here in Sweden it’s usually run on TV some time around New Years Eve.

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time know I’ve got a slight “obsession” with Victoria’s Secret, and I’ve mentioned it many years previously, and most recently in association to the VS party I went to. I wouldn’t say I love all their stuff, in fact a lot of it is very tacky, but it’s fun! And the Victoria’s Secret show is always so extremely over-the-top and glittery, it brings on the Christmas spirit in me.

There’s more photos to come, for those of you VS-obsessed like me.


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