Studying, studying, studying…

School is pretty heavy right now and I spend almost all my time with my nose in books or strictly focused on assignments. This is my first semester at University and although more than half of it has passed I’m still getting used to it.

One of the things I’ve found is key for me when it comes to studying is to work on my own in a quiet place where I can focus. The classroom is usually too busy which keeps me from focusing and getting things done. As often as I can I sneak off to my favorite café, which is now also my number one study place. Not only do I get a lot of schoolwork done when I’m there, the place also keeps me calm (which says a lot since I’ve been extremely stressed out lately).

Keep breathing, one step at a time, To Do-lists and think about the good things…

Are you currently studying? If so, what are you studying and do you often feel stressed out or overwhelmed by your schoolwork?


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2 responses to “Studying, studying, studying…”

  1. alex says :

    åh! Önskar vi var närmare varann. Kunde vi sitta och skriva tillsammans. Saknar dig!

    Lycka till med pluggeriet nu. Snart lov!


  2. winterlust says :

    You have so many cute cafes in Stockholm!

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