Baking at the hospital: Christmas edition

A couple of weeks ago I asked my friend Jenny if she’d like to go with me to the hospital to do some special volunteer baking for the patients for Christmas. She’s a crafty, creative and baking girl like me, so she was happy to join me. We met up for lunch before heading to the hospital and baking up a storm (literally!)

We tweaked some of the recipes we had to make them extra Christmas-y. We spiced the chocolate balls with gingerbread spice and glögg (Swedish hot spiced wine), and the chocolate cake with caramel sauce is also spiced with gingerbread spice and some glögg. The cupcakes are topped with white chocolate and lingonberry frosting and the saffron sponge roll is filled with lingonberry jam and cream.

The kitchen smelled divine after we’d been there and Jenny and I both broke out our cameras to take pictures of our pretty creations. The guy who works in the kitchen asked if he could take a photo too, I guess he thought we’d done a nice job.

I’m happy the patients have homemade Christmas treats to look forward to for the next couple of days because the alternative is saddening (packaged, dry, boring and factory-made cookies and “bake goods”).


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4 responses to “Baking at the hospital: Christmas edition”

  1. winterlust says :

    Those all look amazing! It’s so nice what you do for the hospital.

  2. Sara says :

    Har du lust att dela med dig av dina recept?

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