Things to look forward to

Books and studying

Books, notebook, notes, post-its, pens and cough drops.

Perfect timing as always, I’ve had a sore throat for the past four days. I am trying to combine sleeping and inhaling tea and cough drops with studying for my exam. It’s going so-so. I’ve managed to put in several hours of studying every day but I’m still nervous I’m going to fail the exam.

I can’t wait until next weekend because then I’ll finally be able to breathe (at least for a little bit). By next weekend I’ll have done the exam, done lots of group work and handed in a paper, and had a presentation with my group.

I think it’s time for a “Things-to-look-forward-to”-list:

– Lucia concert this Sunday
– Baking lussebullar for Sunday fika with mom and my sister
– Being over and done with the exam
– Being done with presentation and paper to hand in
– Massage booked for December 21st
– Christmas in 16 days
– Going for a long walk with my sister some day during the holidays
– Playing the piano over the holidays (I have two new songs I want to learn)
– Having time to read a book, watch a movie, take a long bath (etc.) over the holidays
– Giving my Christmas gifts (I love giving gifts)
– Skyping with S over the holidays
– Hanging out with, hugging and kissing my brother and sister
– Next weekend, period.


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One response to “Things to look forward to”

  1. winterlust says :

    Stress my darling, is making you sick! I can only pray you try remain under control the next week or so.

    Uni’s should pay for stress medication, it takes quite a toll on the body!

    I am loving the long list of things to look forward to though 🙂

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