’twas a happy Christmas eve


The dessert table, Christmas eve 2011

The 25th of December is always a bit of a low key, and kind of sad day. Christmas is traditionally celebrated on the evening of the 24th in Sweden, that’s when we have a nice Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. So, by the 25th it’s all “over”. This year I think it’s an extra sad 25th of December because it’s not only the day after Christmas, it’s also a Sunday (and Sundays are always a little rough) and we’ve got really gray and gloomy weather, and no snow.

That said, yesterday was a really nice day. During the day my sister and I went for a long walk and in the evening my brother and his girlfriend came over. We had a lovely dinner, exchanged gifts and then tucked into the sweets I’d made. My brother brought some lussebullar that he and his girlfriend had baked, and I was impressed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen my brother bake. I had made chocolate truffles, saffron fudge, saffron buns and gingerbread toffee.

After we’d finished eating we watched The Hangover II together. It was the third time I’d seen it but it’s so funny I could see it again. All in all, it was a lovely Christmas.

How are you celebrating Christmas?


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3 responses to “’twas a happy Christmas eve”

  1. winterlust says :

    It must be a European thing celebrating on the 24th, so many of my friends have done that.

    I spent the day with my NZ best friend S, we had a big lunch with all her extended family, I’ve met some but so much family I’ve never met before! It was quite overwhelming!

    My parents don’t actually celebrate christmas so it was good going to a friends place for it.

    • Tina says :

      Sounds like a really nice Christmas. Why don’t your parents celebrate? Christmas is kind of big in Russia, isn’t it?

      Would you believe we had NO snow on Christmas? I know that’s normal for you but its so odd here. The weather has been so strange. Yesterday it was +9C, and today it’s +12C. That’s crazy! It’s almost unheard of that it’s above zero thus time of year.

      • winterlust says :

        I’m not sure? Maybe it’s because I don’t have a very big family and any brothers and sisters but my parents did buy a tree when I was younger but one year, just stopped.

        All my Russian friends celebrate on the 24th. I definitely will when I have a family, it’s such a nice day to spend with all your family.

        Weather on this side of the world is crazy too! In December, Perth had the most amount of rain it has ever had in like 50 years! And I spent new years in NZ in the mud! Not your typical summer!

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