Oh hai. I almost forgot I have a blog. Been a little busy the past couple of days.

Went for an awesome run yesterday morning, 9.5K, crisp air, and a beautiful sunrise to keep me company.

Met Bella for some shopping and coffee. Nice to finally catch up on everything. Not so nice about the insane amounts of people in town though. Really, insane.

I tried a new gym this morning, I think it’s a good thing to switch it up every once in a while. Boosts the motivation. I’m going to try this other gym a couple of more times and see how I like it.

Needed to get some things done in town today. So, despite horrible weather (another windy/rainy storm today), and knowing there would be insane crowds today too, I braced myself, clenched my fists, and headed in. I haven’t bothered with the sales, just bought a gift for someone at Kiehl’s, but since I was in the area I popped into COS and swam through the crowds to see if they had anything good on sale, came out empty handed.

Right, off to tackle the rest of my “to do”-list now. I like how this day, that started out with zero motivation (I went back to bed for 45 minutes after breakfast), ended up being so efficient!



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2 responses to “Lately”

  1. winterlust says :

    That’s a cool shopping bag! What shop?

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