Wishes for 2012

Photos of the fireworks last night
Reflecting upon the year that has been has also made me realize some wishes I have for the coming year. Things I want to be able to say I’ve done or memories I want to have as I recap the year 2012. I don’t really do new years resolutions, so here are instead my wishes for things I want in 2012:
  • Travel to Spain (or Ireland) and visit S.
  • Travel more in general, I would like to go to so many places!
  • Go and visit my childhood hometown, and my old friends (haven’t been back in about 10 years!)
  • Find an apartment, hopefully longterm.
  • Continue to exercise regularly, and hopefully find more time between my school schedule to exercise.
  • More parties, going out and having fun. More spontaneity.
  • Plan something fun each week: meet a friend for coffee, brunch, movies, going to a museum, going out etc. Something to make the weekdays of hard schoolwork bearable.
  • Have a fantastic birthday party (to make up for that I didn’t celebrate my birthday this year due to a nasty flu).
  • Do something fun on New Years Eve (2012-2013), plan ahead!

…I’ll probably keep adding to this as I think of more things.


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2 responses to “Wishes for 2012”

  1. winterlust says :

    Wait, where are you living now?? Have you moved out of the apartment?

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