I told you I’m addicted

workout gear

Today was going to be a rest day from working out. Resting days are every bit as important as workout days, but they’re soooo boring! I’ve been going out of my mind bored all day and debated going to the gym about twenty times. I resisted, but can’t wait to go tomorrow morning!

I did however do a little “at home workout” this evening. My at home workouts usually consist of a fun interval circuit, which is exactly what I did this evening. 12 rounds of 50 seconds of max effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Times two. And then I rocked out to this song. All in all a 30 minute workout. And now I feel that amazing buzz. Love it!


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2 responses to “I told you I’m addicted”

  1. The Nate Gatsby says :

    That is how I got when I was working out. The problem I had with off days was I’d be tempted to not work out again the next day, too.

    • Tina says :

      I can definitely relate to that. I think it’s only natural that the motivation to work out has its ups and downs. It’s probably the body’s way of saying when it needs a longer break to recuperate.

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