Kraftur – The last ride

Kraftur - The last ride

Last night I watched the short documentary Kraftur – The Last Ride. It’s the story of Tóti and his horse Kraftur, an icelandic horse with enormous talent.

In 2007 they were invited to compete in the World Championship for Icelandic horses in Holland. Participating in the competition is a painful decision as it means Kraftur may never return to Iceland again. Regulations in Iceland are very strict and Icelandic horses have been in isolation for more than 1100 years. Once an Icelandic horse leaves the country, they are forbidden to return under any circumstances, this as a means of disease control.

It’s a touching story, and a documentary of beautiful footage. The atmosphere and nature in Iceland is absolutely breathtaking. When I was young I was in Iceland on vacation and got to experience horseback riding on Iceland horses, I hope to return some day in a not too distant future.


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3 responses to “Kraftur – The last ride”

  1. I'd Rather Be In Iceland says :

    That sounds like a sweet film. Thanks for sharing.

  2. M says :

    En annan bra verklighetsbaserad film om en häst är Seabiscuit med bla Tobey Maguire. Hoppas du får en fin alla hjärtans dag 🙂

    • Tina says :

      Åh, ja! Sea Biscuit känner jag till. Har ett svagt minne av att jag såg den för längesedan, men den ska jag försöka se igen snart. Tack, hoppas att du också får en fin dag!

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