The Perfect Tee by Caroline Blomst

Caroline Blomst - The perfect tee

Caroline Blomst - The perfect tee

Those of you who are interested in fashion may have heard of a Swedish fashion blogger called Caroline Blomst of Caroline’s Mode. As with so many other Swedish fashion bloggers she’s now paired up with Gina Tricot for a special t-shirt collection called “The Perfect Tee”.

At first glance I didn’t really get what’s so special about the t-shirts, it’s just a regular old tee, right? But, then I thought about those friends of mine who I know can search high and low for a tee that’s just right. It’s got to be loose, a kind of “sloppy” basic t-shirt that goes perfect with your skinny jeans and gives you that kind of laid back I-threw-on-my-boyfriends-shirt-today look. And in that context, I can see how these suffice.

Prices are 99 SEK for the tank tops and 149 SEK for the tees. I like the three above.

What do you think?


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3 responses to “The Perfect Tee by Caroline Blomst”

  1. poshakbazaar says :

    I loved the jeans the model is wearing!!!!!!

    • Tina says :

      I’m assuming that the jeans can be found at Gina Tricot as well, so if you’ve got one of their stores in your town check if they’ve got them.

  2. winterlust says :

    I love classic tees! I think I own about 3 black ones and a few lights ones- perfect with jeans or in my case, shorts! I team them with demin or light tees with coloured denim shorts.

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