Sweat it out

Running clothes

Judging by the amount of posts on here the past week, you wouldn’t have guessed that I’ve spent the week drowned in notes, cramming for my exam that I had this morning (here’s a little secret: most of the posts were scheduled).

Studying around the clock has unfortunately meant less time spent at the gym, and I’m feeling irritable because of it. I snuck off to the gym a couple of times the past week but not nearly as many as usual and not enough to fill my cravings for a good work out. The fact that I have the weekend off (and don’t have to study!) feels awesome. Guess what I’ll be doing?

Wish I had this running outfit to wear tomorrow: Shoes/Nike Free Run+ 2W, T-shirt/Reebok, Sweater/Nike W Epic Crew, Gloves/Nike lightweight, Tights/Nike Swift Power, Jacket/Reebok, Bag/Nike Varsity Girl 2.0 Duffel


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One response to “Sweat it out”

  1. winterlust says :

    I love that black sweater!

    Good idea with the scheduled posts though, think I better get onto that!

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