Happy mardi gras!


Happy mardi gras!

Every country has its own traditions for fat tuesday. Here in Sweden we call it “Fettisdagen” (fat tuesday) or some people call it “Semmeldagen”, named after the pastry above which is called a Semla or Fastlagsbulle. What is it? A bun flavored with cardamon, filled with sweet almond paste and whipped cream, and dusted with icing sugar.

Traditionally, these are sold and eaten on fat tuesday in Sweden (but bakeries tend to start selling them much earlier in the year). As kids we used to bake them and have fun trying to eat them without getting whipped cream all over our faces. I’ve never been a big fan of whipped cream, so while I’ve got friends who’ve already downed a handful of these before the big day, one is enough for me so I stuck to tradition and had one today.

How do you celebrate mardi gras in your country?


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4 responses to “Happy mardi gras!”

  1. Haleigh says :

    I plan to bake semla whenever I get back to Germany. Even if it is a little bit late 🙂

  2. winterlust says :

    I’ve always known it as pancake day. It was my friends birthday yesterday so we all went out for dinner (too full for dessert after) but we’re thinking next year, we’ll definitely go out for pancakes for lunch or at least attempt to make them ourselves as both of us are gluten free!

    • teenah87 says :

      Definitely go for pancakes for lunch next year, that’d be fun! We have a waffle day here in Sweden in March. It’s pretty crazy with all the food themed days we’ve got, we’ve got cinnamon bun day too.

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