Black coffee and afternoon thoughts

Starbucks mug

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the mug above, I’d seen it at the airport when I travelled to Spain and regretted not buying it. But sometimes little treasures have a way of finding their way to you anyway, which was the case with this mug. A classmate of mine happens to work at the airport and was kind enough to buy me the mug.

After group work this morning and lunch at a café with my laptop, to do-list and studies, I met up with my friend to pick up the mug. I couldn’t wait to enjoy a cup of coffee this afternoon, and I could swear it tasted that much better in my new mug.

I’m feeling extra grateful today for the good people I have in my life. Yesterday I received a package from my friend Anna who lives in Australia. It made my day, and reminded me that I’ve got wonderful people who care about me spread out all across the world. I just wish this world wasn’t so big, so I could stretch my arms out and pull them all close to me.


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One response to “Black coffee and afternoon thoughts”

  1. winterlust says :

    I’m the kind of person that struggles with birthday presents but if I randomly go to the shops and see something that I think is perfect for someone, I’ll get it.

    Hope the book is going good, there’s a few others in that series to do with love and work too! x

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