Ladurée to Stockholm, but when!?

Carrot cake

Carrot cake and coffee from last weekend.

On my way to an early meeting in town this morning I passed by a shop that had its windows covered in a particularly familiar pastel green color and a logo that got me very excited. I was reminded of something I heard a couple of months ago, that Ladurée are opening their first shop in Stockholm!

The words “Coming Soon” was the only bit of information to be found on these sealed windows, but when is soon Ladurée? I think we both know how important it is that I mark my calendar so that I don’t accidentally book something else on the date of your premiere and miss it all. Oh, the horror.


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One response to “Ladurée to Stockholm, but when!?”

  1. winterlust says :

    I actually saw this on Gossip Girl last night and thought of your post! Macarons have gotten HUGE recently, we have little shops selling just them and coffee.

    Do you have a particular one you like?

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