Digging up old memories

The cleaning, sorting, and packing continues… Today I went through some old “memory boxes” that are full of things from my childhood and up until my teens. Going through boxes like that always takes the longest time because I get stuck looking at old photographs or reading through pages and pages of things I wrote ten years ago.

When I was in sixth or seventh grade my teacher had us write a letter to our future selves, I came across that letter today and it was labeled to be opened in May 2010. There was nothing of real significance in the letter, I think I was too young to really know what to write to my future self, and writing the letter in class also stopped me from writing anything of real depth (who knew who might be peeking over my shoulder).

In ninth grade I was in a new school and once again received an assignment to write a letter to the future, this time it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be written to myself, we were supposed to imagine writing to someoneĀ or anyone in the future. Like a time capsule type of thing. We were to write about the situation in the world at current time and describe our hopes and dreams for the future world. The envelope is labeled “Fall 2003” and has no instructions on when it may be opened. This letter was significantly longer than the letter from my sixth grade self, and because I had pointers on what topics to write about (the environment, wars and problems in the world, the meaning of things, what I do during my free time etc.) there was more substance to the message as well. It was actually kind of inspiring to read, my past self made some good points about how to live and look at life, ways in which I try to look at life now but forget to much easier than I guess I did then.

Inspired by my friend Anna, who I know is good about future letters to herself (and recaps of how things have changed over the years), I have had it in the back of my mind for a while now to write another one of those letters to my future self. Because, who knows where I will be in ten years from now! Whatever guesses I have now I am sure will be interesting (if not inspiring?) to read in ten years from now.

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? Have you opened and read the letter yet? Did anything surprise your about what you had written?

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One response to “Digging up old memories”

  1. winterlust says :

    Fuuuuuuunny you mention future letters, I wrote myself one last week for 3 months into the future. My life changes so much and so quickly that I’ve realised there’s no point writing a year ahead, situations change and my plans have to suit.

    I am excited to see how my letter matches my June self though!

    Seriously, future letter writing is the BEST.

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