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As mentioned, I won a competition last week which gave me two sessions with a personal trainer at Takkei. My first session was yesterday afternoon and I was so excited my heart was racing before I even started the workout! The gym follows a pretty unique concept and is unlike anything I’ve tried or heard of before.

It’s a small gym with three dressing rooms and two workout rooms, but it’s not crowded because they’ve only got two people working out at a time, and you’re alone with your personal trainer in the workout room.

You get your own personal dressing room, there’s no need to bring showering products (the dressing room is equipped with lovely Kiehl’s products), towels are also handed to you and no need to lug a water bottle either, they’ve got that covered too. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about packing your workout clothes because you get to store them at the gym and they wash the clothes for you so they’re fresh and clean for the next time you come. Being a student with a low budget, this is a luxury unheard of.

The workout then? Forget treadmills, exercise machines and stationary bikes. The training room is simply equipped with poles, weights and mats. No weight or cardio machines. The focus is on using your body the way it’s used in your day to day life. How often, in your normal day life, do you move your body in the way you do when you lift weights at the gym? Not very often (if ever). I got to work on my balance, my posture, do lunges, squats, clean and jerk. It was all very fun because it’s stuff I’ve never done before and the trainer had me lifting more weight than I thought I could handle.

I have one more session with the trainer, and I wish I could hire him after that because this is definitely a type of training I could see doing regularly. I’ve wanted to improve my back strength and posture for a long time, but without a personal trainer it’s hard to figure out what exactly to do to get good results, this type of training assists in exactly that. I have no idea what regular training at Takkei costs (we didn’t touch on that subject yesterday), but judging by the above mentioned luxury that’s included (and the fact that they don’t list any prices on their website) I can guarantee it’s well over my budget. Bummer.



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2 responses to “Personal Training”

  1. winterlust says :

    That gym sounds like heaven! Have you found out prices yet? Would be nice to know just how expensive it is!

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