Things I’ve found while packing part threehundredthirtytwo




These charm bracelets always fascinated me as a kid, the detailed little gems were a joy to examine. They’re my mom’s or possibly my grandmother’s. The little piano bracelet is definitely my mom’s though, she played the piano throughout her childhood and I believe that’s essentially why I attended piano lessons for most of my childhood too (something I hated then but am extremely grateful for now!)

One of the bracelets seems to be a collection of charms from different states in the US, complete with a roulette for (I’m guessing here) Las Vegas. The other (which has gems in the shape of beach bungalows, palm trees and a flamingo) I would assume represents a vacation (one of the charms says “Virgin Islands”).

I realize these bracelets are just as fun to explore now as they were when I was a kid, I just wish I knew more about the story behind them.


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