Easter weekend through instagram




Good Friday: Soft boiled egg with my breakfast, studied (and procrastinated), met my sister for a drink in the evening.
Easter Saturday: Very productive day! Studied, and ticked things off my to do list. Long power walk.  Went to mom’s for Easter dinner, the place was full of candy! Enjoyed dinner and opening all the kinder eggs to build the toys inside. Got an Easter egg with good candy from mom. Went to a bar after dinner with my brother, his girlfriend V and his friend S, almost ended in a bar fight. Drama…
Easter Sunday: Big grocery shop, 8km run, cleaning, laundry, studying, emailing, booking meetings for next week.

How has your Easter been?


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3 responses to “Easter weekend through instagram”

  1. winterlust says :

    Do you guys celebrate Easter on the Saturday in Sweden?

    I loveeeeee soft boiled eggs, I always have them on weekends here (I eat my breakfast at work on weekdays).

    • Tina says :

      No, we celebrate Easter on the Sunday too, but it kind of all goes into one and people celebrate on the day that suits them best. It’s like Christmas eve and Christmas day. Saturday is Easter eve and Sunday is Easter day.

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