Is it “modern” if they use snail mail?

Coffee and calendar

The photo above has pretty much nothing to do with the text below.

I’m being tested. My fot tap, tap, taps against the leg of my chair, my mind wanders. I’m restless and irritated. The source of my frustration is that since moving exactly one week ago I have not had access to a gym.

I have two gyms to choose between in my new area and the one I’ve signed up with takes a long time to process my application. I signed up online and now I’m waiting for them to send me (via snail mail) a contract which I need to sign and send back to them (again, via snail mail). Once they’ve received my signed contract they’ll send me my card (ah yes, via snail mail). Oh, and let’s not forget the little detail that the past five days have been holidays (i.e. no snail mail to be had). Are we beginning to understand my frustration yet?

This gym also needs a photo of me, which I attempted to upload when I sent in my application online but their website wasn’t working properly so it failed. Sigh. Why don’t I just haul my butt to the gym and sign up on spot, you ask? It’s (ironically) one of those “modern” (and I use that word very hesitantly considering the “snail mail”-story above) gyms that don’t have an in house staff, you check in and out on your own.

Well then why don’t you go with the other gym in your area? I hear ya, and I’m this close to doing just that because they’re not one of those “modern” gyms which means there’s a staff and I’d get a membership in 1-2-3. However, they’re more than double the price (curse you student budget!). Seriously though, for my sanity it might be worth paying that extra price.

Working out has become such an essential part of my life that without it I’m… well, quite frankly incomplete. I’ve occupied myself the past week with runs, power walks and a home workout or two. And thank god I had my second session booked with the personal trainer last Wednesday, but one gym workout in a week is just not enough to satisfy me.

Can you relate, or are you rolling your eyes right now?


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One response to “Is it “modern” if they use snail mail?”

  1. winterlust says :

    Ha not very modern at all! Surely modern would be classed as an online system that they have outsourced to India or something to process your registration in 24 hours…..that would be ideal huh!

    Stick with the cheap one. Will be worth it in the end. I think you may be a little obsessed with working out…not a bad thing to be obsessed with though!

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