It’s cold, but there’s an upside


You’d think it was mid November the way the weather has been here in Sweden the past couple of weeks. I’ve been studying the weather forecast in intricate detail and if I’m to believe what it says, I won’t be seeing sunshine and slightly warmer degrees until next Friday. No point in complaining I guess, it’s not like that’s going to make the sun magically appear.

On the up side, it’s been a busy but productive week. I’ve had group work, a presentation, lectures, and done lots and lots of studying. My sister was over for tea to see the new pad on Monday and tomorrow my friend who just moved into the same area as me (the same weekend as me in fact) is coming over for dinner and then we’re skipping over to her place to have a glass of wine. Saturday or Sunday my brother is coming to visit and on Sunday evening mom’s coming over to see the place too.

And here’s something else that’s awesome: I’ve got training with my personal trainer again tomorrow afternoon! Finally a workout! I’m going to continue seeing this personal trainer a couple of more times. He was nice enough to offer me a special price for five sessions and I was quick to jump on it. My long break from the gym is going to mean tomorrow’s workout is going to kill, but it’s also going to feel SO good.


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One response to “It’s cold, but there’s an upside”

  1. winterlust says :

    That picture of the candles is so pretty! Can’t wait to see all the pics of the new place though 😀

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