When your google reader is nearing 400 new posts …

I feel like I say the same thing every week, but I’ve been busy ya’ll. I don’t even have time to procrastinate by scrolling through my google reader like I usually do, I’m behind by like 400 posts. I don’t know what it is but these past couple of weeks things have just been going non-stop. So, to sum things up, here’s a couple instagrams of what’s been up lately (p.s must get better at snapping photos regularly now that instagram makes it so easy and fun!)

My week

On the left: the changing room where I go and do personal training, wonderful! I had a great workout this week (as always). And ended up staying and chatting with my trainer for about half an hour after my workout. On the right: finally got my key card to my new gym so I’ve ben running over there every chance I’ve got this week.

My week

I went to a lecture about training and nutrition on Tuesday evening, I invited along my friend Anna who I met at surf camp a couple of years ago, it was great to see her again! The lecture was very interesting and we got nice goodie bags to take home that included some products from my favorite Kiehl’s.

My week

I’d say the majority of my time these past weeks has been spent with my nose in my course literature and working on my group project, assignments, workshops and prepping for pop-exams. Yesterday I finally found the time to paint my nails while waiting for my laundry to dry (multitasking like a pro).

My week

Today is my only day off, so I’m trying to enjoy the day as much as I can (which includes studying and catching up on to do’s). I made a visit to the gym this morning, and finally got a router for my internet (which I then spent 2,5 hours configuring before it finally worked properly, piece of crap). I also ran into a shop today that I’ve passed several times and meant to peek into because it looks so cute, it’s a candy shop but the only thing I bought was a bag of all natural dried apple chips (probably the healthiest thing in the store).

I’ve just enjoyed an afternoon snack of macarons (licorice and caramel, the caramel won), fresh raspberries and the obligatory cup of coffee. Tonight I’m going to watch Winter’s Bone and chill. I need to get mentally prepared for my big day tomorrow, it’s my first day trying out at a new job.

Next weeks agenda so far includes group work, lectures, work on assignment, a friend coming over for dinner, personal training, gym workouts, dinner out with a classmate for her birthday and another day at the new job.

How has your week been?


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One response to “When your google reader is nearing 400 new posts …”

  1. anonymoushedonist says :

    i’m random, but those raspeberries look absolutely delicious..

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