I study hard to get good results, and good results motivate me to study hard.

Check out the weather that has been this week! I love that the trees are blossoming, I just wish my allergies wouldn’t make me sneeze so much. I’ve enjoyed power walks all week and found some new paths around my area.

I had my final presentation on a group project yesterday, it went well. I think. I also got another assignment back the other day with a comment that made me smile from ear to ear, the teacher was no doubt pleased with my work. I study hard to get good results, and good results motivate me to study hard.

I started this day with a killer workout (yes, I’m a gym junkie, and proud of it!). I’m hoping to meet my brother for a cup of coffee this afternoon, and I want to go and check out a farmer’s market I found out is happening not far from where I live. I’ve also got baking on my agenda.

What are you doing today?


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3 responses to “I study hard to get good results, and good results motivate me to study hard.”

  1. winterlust says :

    Great stuff T! I would be surprised if you got anything less than an A in your course with the amount of time & effort you dedicate 🙂

    My weekend consists of two assignments which are due next week. But all I feel like doing is swimming & cleaning! Procrastination at its worst!

    • Tina says :

      Don’t feel bad about procrastinating… I know the feeling, especially if it’s a weekend. I find that if I procrastinate a lot on the Saturday, then I have a lot of motivation and an easy time focusing on the Sunday. Maybe you’re the same?

      • winterlust says :

        Possibly? Although I wanted to get a head start last night but with computer/printer problems, I was far too fed up to do anything! I’ve had moments of motivation today but not nearly as much as I would like! It’s now 6pm here & I’m hoping to do some more work tomorrow. I really want to get one finished today (I’m 70% done) so I can get 50% of the other one done tomorrow.

        Dreaming? haha I hope not!

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