Instagramming dinner

Technology creates new opportunities and activities (that then lead to new problems which need new technologies… se how it’s all a spiraling process?), this was one of the things I learned in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) course I just took at Uni.

Take instagram for instance, the other day I was out for dinner and as our food arrived, my sister, my brother’s girlfriend and I all whipped out our phones to “instagram our dinner”. Before instagram, there were of course digital cameras, but instagram has made it so much easier to sneek a photo of… well, whatever you want. And snapping photos of food is a frequent activity among the millions of instagram users across the world. You might have heard of the term food porn, instagram just made creating and sharing food porn easier.

It might seem a weird subject to photograph (my brother cringed as we all snapped away at our plates), but food and eating has always been a social thing and I think things like Facebook and instagram have simply made it possible for us to be social around food in a different way. We share our “foodie” photos and get likes and replies, people like looking at the photos out of pure curiosity, but also for inspiration and ideas. It’s like a micro cook book.

What I ate? Pecan and chili crusted catfish (with a side of grilled sweet potato and salad, not instagrammed).


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5 responses to “Instagramming dinner”

  1. winterlust says :

    My friend has created a group on facebook for Perth foodies and when we go out to dinner, there’s about 10+ of us snapping away at what we ate! haha. Feel a little antisocial on my phone when out for dinner/drinks but I’ve made it a rule that I state what I’m doing, do it fast & then put the phone away. Checking comments and likes can be done after the catch up with friend/s!

    • Tina says :

      That’s my way of looking at it too, it’s fun but not something I want to interfere with whatever social situation I am currently in. Which is why I quickly snapped the photo and then put my phone down. I feel so rude having my phone out at the table.

  2. winterlust says :

    P.S that catfish looks DEVINE!

  3. Malin says :

    Ser fantastiskt gott ut! Själv har jag dock inte riktigt fattat det här med instagram än, känner mig lite väl sent ute för att ens börja med det 😉
    Btw: du har blivit ordinerad att svara på några frågor:

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